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A different approach to Gladue.

We designed an app that helps lawyers receive better outcomes for their Indigenous clients.


Judges in Canada are required to consider the unique and systemic factors that may have played a role in bringing Indigenous Peoples before the court when sentencing.
—R v Gladue, 1999 at para 66.

These factors are presented to the court through a Gladue Report.  They aim to reduce the overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in Canadian courts.


Well, Gladue Reports don't always work. 

Sometimes, they can take too long to produce.

And that means a Gladue Report may not get factored into an Indigenous Person's sentence.

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So why do
Indigenous Peoples still make up


of admissions to provincial custody?


of admissions to federal custody?

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The Gladue Submissions Assistant helps lawyers make sure that Gladue factors are presented to judges.

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